Our Team

Natalie - Salon Manager

As salon manager I’m responsible for making sure everyone is happy, luckily because of our fab team that makes my role easy!

I’m an all rounder in the salon but spend a lot of my time colouring. I love to work with baby lights and hair painting for a gorgeous natural result. One of my other favourite things to do is hair up especially when I’m given a bit of free reign. Nothing like getting the creative juices flowing!

I love to eat out so can always recommend somewhere new for you to try for dinner or drinks and am a keen yogi so spend the rest of my time getting my ohm on.

Oh and if I say “it’s fine” it probably isn’t! Run for the hills!


Kayleigh’s hairdressing career began almost 20 years ago in London. Kayleigh then decided to make the big move over to Sydney Australia over a decade ago. Kayleigh specifically wanted the opportunity to join a team that was at the forefront of hairdressing and creative development. 

Kayleigh explains “I love the creativity my role gives me. Especially working closely with my clients helping to create their vision by working together with that “personal touch”  

I love specialising in balayage and foiling techniques, also the wonderful world of hair extensions and pieces excites me. I thrive on making my clients feel incredible. 

Because I believe “ When your hair looks fabulous, you feel fabulous “ 

Clive Allwright - C0 Owner Our Place Salon

Clive Allwright Our Place Salon OwnerClive Allwright & Kelly Grant opened Our Place Salon in Potts Point in 2010. Kelly and Clive have been involved in the hairdressing industry for over 30+ years. They are regular guest speakers at numerous industry events.

Clive has created education programs for brands Paul Mitchell & Muk and KMS. Clive also created numerous photographic campaigns with step-by-step haircutting tutorials for KMS Global, also Muk online education platform.

Clive is a talented haircutter and extremely humble with a passion for ocean swimming. He has showcased his cutting skills on a global stage for the past 35+ years. He also has a great sense of humour. Clive’s continuous industry and family commitments unfortunately means Clive’s time in the salon is minimal. However, Kelly and Clive are both dedicated in ensuring Our Place Salon always delivers the very best service, with the highest quality of hairdressing standards from the world’s best hairdressers.