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Barbering training coursesWe offer a range of Barbering courses and Workshops at our new education site

We cater for one-on-one sessions, salon groups covering skills from basic to advanced Barbering techniques along with shaving, beard and moustache styling.

For more information please contact us here or call us on (02) 8052 3990


wet shaving trainingRapidly coming back into fashion wet shaving is becoming an increasingly important skill to have if you are thinking about becoming a barber.

During our wet shaving course, you will learn the steps of the traditional wet shave. By the end of the course you will be sufficient in cutthroat shaving to provide the service at a professional standard.

This course is suitable for both barbers and non-barbers.

Shaving Courses

Date & Times

Piloroo is a new concept of training we are offering into the hairdressing industry.

Before we launched our inaugural course we wanted to ensure the correct inspirational artists and course curriculum was of perfection and above your expectations.
We are pleased to announce we will be conducting our first course to the hairdressing industry from April 27th.
For more information call (02) 8052 3990
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